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Hi! I'm Tiffany! I have been hooping since 2013, and hooping has changed my life in so many ways! I have a HUGE passion crafting hoops for almost 5 years for this beautiful community. Thank you for years of connection, love, laughter, and allowing me to express myself through art. My business has brought me to many places to be able to meet, connect, and continue to be able to bring you affordable products. I can't wait to see what the following years has to come!


Hai I’m Sierra ☺️ I’m 26 I’m from Virginia and I really suck at bios haha. I’ve been doing flow arts since 2015🙏🏾 but when I found hooping it’s like something clicked. I’m a early childhood education teacher during the week and on the weekends I’m hooping or dancing to bass music❣️ keep spinning!

My name is Lilith and I’ve been hooping since April of 2022. I am a Hoop Love Coach, and teach at the YMCA. I also perform with my partner at local events. My first hoop I bought was an enormous 52” hoop, and I was surprised that I could even keep it around my waste. When I saw my partner hoop for the first time, I knew it was something I wanted to do, so I kept a journal of my hooping progress on Tiktok, and I’ve not stopped yet. Hooping has given me many opportunities, like teaching classes for the YMCA, Performing for large groups of people, fire spinning and more! Hooping has also given me an outlet to express my inner creativity outwardly for the first time in my life, and that is something I will cherish forever. I hope to spread this form of movement and art to as many people as I can!



Ninja Kat Spins 


“Hi” from Florida! I’ve been hooping since Nov 2022 & it completely rocked my world. Its helped me concentrate, let-go, add self-care, gain flexibility & so much more. I’m so happy to be a part of this team of talented persons. I want to share flow arts with everyone because it’s truly for: any size, any age, any gender. Flow arts can be beneficial to everyone! My flow journey is on Tik Tok, and if you ever see me flowing anywhere… you are welcome to come & join me!

Hi!  I’m Holly, also known as #hulahoopingholly. I have been hula hooping for 7 years now and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. I have found a creative outlet that clears my mind and makes me feel like a badass. This form of movement has connected me to the hula hooping community which is where I found some of my best friends who are always down to dance with me. It also introduced me to the world of fire dancing, which is where my true passion lies. If you would have told me when I started hula hooping that I would be fire dancing as part of a paid performance with a traveling circus troupe - Norsefyre I wouldn't have believed you. In addition, I have helped create a Des Moines based fire dancing troupe called Sabba Circle. Because of this I have had the opportunity to perform at a wide variety of events such as renaissance fairs, haunted houses, fundraisers, music festivals, weddings, and retirement communities. This is something that I get to do with my partner of 10 years which makes it even more special. I look forward to seeing where my hula hoops will take me next year. Thank you Utopia Artistry for hooking me up with amazing hoops and allowing me to share my passion and hopefully inspire others to get up and dance!
My name is Taylor and I’m a flow artist from Canadas capital city, Ottawa. I started my flow journey when COVID hit as a hobby to keep me moving and as a form of self expression and have never looked back. I have always had a passion for movement and music, what started off as being a classically trained pianist and competitive Irish dancer flourished into something I could’ve never imagined, HOOPING! Since I’ve started my flow journey I have always dreamed of one day performing at Shambhala Music Festival, and I know with hard work I will be up on that stage soon enough. My flow journey has also opened me up to a variety of music genres, some of my favorite genres to flow to include; Mid-Tempo Bass, Liquid DnB, Lyrical Bass, and Downtempo (just to name a few ;). If we ever cross paths don’t be shy to say hi, I love making new friends and supporting other flow artists, it’s what I believe this community is all about!
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I am Michelle aka hoopyflow. I was born and raised in Ecuador and moved to the US in 2018. I am a mechanical engineer but I've always liked arts and ever since I can remember I've had an active lifestyle. I was introduced to circus arts when I was pretty young and I fell in love with aerial silks, I did that for a few years but unfortunately it was very difficult to practice and train as much as I wanted. I needed a way to express myself through movement and that's when I found hula hooping. I was so thankful to be able to flow, practice and enjoy movement in the comfort of my living room. Without even knowing I fell in love with hooping. My hoops have taught me to be patient, perseverant and to love my body and appreciate what my body can do without judgement. Hooping has also taught me about the importance of community and kindness and I am forever thankful for the hooping community, all the experiences this plastic circle has brought me and all the people I've met in this journey.
Priscilla Hoopmore
Sponsee discount code: HOOPMORE

Hi! Im Priscilla Hoopmore and I am a professional day, LED, aerial and fire insured performance artist. My specialties are dancing with hoops, fans, flags, wings, umbrella, headdresses, palm torches, whip, wand and spinning on my lollipop lyra. My shows are often described as spectacular and dazzling. I am very passionate about my performance work and it truly brings me infinite happiness. I am happy to have Utopia Artistry as my hoop sponsor because this business delivers high quality hoops and a variety of other products while also providing outstanding customer service and support! My sponsee discount code is HOOPMORE

Samantha Ilyse was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and currently lives in Los Angeles. She has been hooping for about 8 years and loves to act/model as well. Aside from hooping, some other things Samantha loves are animals, the beach, live music, and spaghetti. Follow her on Instagram: @samanthailyse_
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my name is Emily, i grew up doing ballet/dance and i started hooping in January 2021 after seeing friends do it. i am so grateful for the new friends and community i’ve found through flowarts and and love the utopia artistry fam so much!
code: emflows
Bio: My name is Kiara (@kiaraflows on Instagram). I am 21 years old and I’ve been hooping since May of 2020. I’m currently studying to become a psychiatrist in the future as I am very passionate about mental health. ❤️
Hi my name is Monica (@flowbynature) and I have been flowing for almost 5 years. Flow arts has truly helped me evolve as a person and has become my go to outlet for healing. Movement meditation is something I hold dear to my heart and I just want to share the flow with everyone! 
Hiii! I’m Alli, also known as postmaflow ❤️ I’ve been spinning
since January of 2018 and am so thankful to be apart of the Utopia Artistry team as they are all so welcoming and encouraging, no matter your skill level. Hula hoops have changed my life in many ways and has motivated me to try many other props. If you’re ever in Des Moines, IA hit me up for a flow session! And be sure to use code postmaflow to save money on your next hoop order! 
Hi, I’m Arbina, an architecture designer from India. Besides being an Architect, people also know me as a hooper. I love to showcase the freedom of expression through the art of hoops. I have been hooping for about 3 and half years now and my hoops are always by my side. Flowing has done wonders for my confidence.  Everyone needs a healthy creative way of expressing themselves and flow arts do just that! Hooping is my medicine and I hope to inspire many other flow artists to grow too.
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Erin Daugherty
Instagram: @sunnydflowz
Who knew a plastic circle could be so fun, bring so much love into our lives, and teach us so much? My name is Erin, aka Sunny D Flowz! I’ve been hooping since December 2018, and I think a hoop will ALWAYS be the best Christmas gift! I recently picked up palm torches and pixel whips, but I truly found myself through flowing with a hula hoop. Dancing with hula hoops has helped me reconnect with my body through releasing and transforming my emotions with movement, tuning into my creativity and sensuality, and simply letting go and having FUN. My most valuable advice to beginner hoopers is just to let yourself play with the hoop and the moves will come naturally.. that’s FLOW!
My name is Devynn Breen. I’m a flow artist from Maryland and started flow arts in 2020. My goal is to inspire all individuals of all shapes and sizes to get into their bodies and fall in love with flow. You don’t have to look a certain way or even have a background in dance to be able to find the joys and healings of flow arts. I have grown so much just from having a flow arts practice. I have grown to appreciate my body, listen to my body, and take care of my body in the way it deserves. I have also reconnected with my spirit by being able to move freely and in a way that feels good. I hope to inspire and encourage others to do the same and reconnect with their body and move through their spirit and go with the flow.
Hi I'm Amanda (Mandala Hoops)👋
I started hooping in 2016 and quickly became addicted to that feeling of accomplishment from learning tricks, the flow state feeling, improvement in my fitness and mental health! In lock down I did Jo Mondys Live Love Hoop Teacher Training and now get to share the benefits of hooping with others! It's a dream come true, alongside being sponsored by Utopia Artistry who makes the most beautiful hoops AND I get to be part of a team of amazing flow artists who keep inspiring me to be better! 
Hi, my name is Violet, and I am a flow obsessed hoop addict. I first became intrigued because of the hoop troupe at Electric Forest 2015. Hooping stole my soul the summer of '16. Two years later, I fell in love with poi. That led to me wanting to spin it all! 
I have been performing since  2019 and teaching flowarts workshops since '21.
I am currently traveling the country full-time in an RV with my family. Spreading the love of flow wherever I go, to whoever may let me.
Hooping built confidence in myself that I never thought would've been possible. I'm a firm believer that flowarts can be for everyone. You just have to find the prop that speaks to you. 
My favorite prop would be between doubles (they just feel right) or triple hoops (so many possibilities), although juggling anything consumes most of my recent time. 
Happy Hooping Lovelies ✌️ 
Nice to meet ya, nice to greet ya I’m Pam. Energy flows & I love to flow naturally. where-ever the energy might flow you will be sure to find me flowing the night away with my hoop & you are always welcomed to join PLUR(:
My code is “PAMFLOWS”
Georgia-Rae Thompson 27 from Manchester United Kingdom has been hooping since April 2020.
As an internationally published model, actress, content creator and Miss Social Media UK  Georgia is always finding ways to promote and share her love for hooping.
Maryland-based educator with a passion for art and hula-hooping!
Hi guys, my name is Jamie! I live in Denver, Colorado where I work as a bartender and a professional gogo dancer with Team Ez. My biggest achievement  last year was performing Decadence and Global Dance, two of my favorite festivals in my favorite state (CO). I specialize in single hoop flow but plan to progress more in my doubles flow this year. My favorite artists are Zeds Dead, Of the Trees, and Odesza however I listen to any and all types of music - specifically punk rock and folk alternative. When I’m not hooping I love to dance, snowboard, and play the ukulele. I’m attending school to become an MRI technician. I’ve been hooping for about 4 years now - I have endless love and gratitude for flow arts and all of the connections, friendships, and opportunities it’s brought to my life. I hope it can bring the same joy into your life too! Use my code “INMOTION” and follow me @jamieinmotion on instagram - let’s be flowmies!
Hi! I'm Scarlet! (@scarletflows)  I love to go out, have fun and make people smile.  I find peace in nature and spending time with my dog.  I grew up in an Island in the Caribbean called Puerto Rico, but I know live in FL.  The thing I love to do the most is dance and express myself through movement.  This is why hula hooping is so important to me.  I started hooping in November 2020 and plan to continue for as long as I can. 💘🧚🏽‍♀️✨
Use code SCARLET and save money on your amazing purchase! 
Hi, I'm Stephanie! (@adventures.inflow) I am based out of the great PNW. I started hooping about 10 years ago but didn't really take it seriously until 3 years ago. I purchased my first smaller-diameter hoop from Utopia and the rest is history! I love to seek out epic places to flow on hikes and drives. I am so grateful for the flow community. I have met some truly amazing lifelong friends. Some of my other interests include hiking, running, biking, snowboarding, and the Grateful Dead. I am a mom to my little guy Enzo. He was born with Down Syndrome and he is my whole world. I hope to become a paraeducator this coming school year. I am engaged to my son's father and we are planning to tie the knot next year. Using my code "adventures" will save $$ at checkout! 
Hello & Welcome✨
My name is Melanie, aka mel_in_motion, and I am a hooper from Pittsburgh, PA. My flow journey began in 2018 & I have had an intense love and passion for hooping ever since. It is such a freeing and raw form of self expression. It wasn’t until I picked up my first hoop that I learned to love myself for who I am and dance without fear of what others think of me. This community is filled with the most beautiful, kind, and accepting humans & I am so happy to be here to continue spreading the love. It is such an honor to be apart of this team, to grow & connect with more wonderful people💕
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Hi , I’m Lindsey aka Mystic Goddess for the flowmies that know me. I have been deeply passionate about hooping for about 6 years now. It has been a monumental asset for my growth in life and with myself. The hoop Community is something so vast and unique in the most incredible ways. I could not be more grateful for Utopia Artistry, it’s an honor to be apart of something so beautiful. 💕✨Use code MYSTICHOOP10 at checkout to save $$ at checkout.
Dreamz (@xc_dreaming)
Hi! My name is Madison Busch but my performer name is Dreamz! I am a self-taught dancer, multitalented flow artist and Shaman based in Texas. I started my flow journey in 2018 when I learned how to shuffle and then added hula hooping, levitation wand, gloves, silk fans, and fire dancing to the mix! I have a huge passion for expressing myself through movement and I also love to use my voice on social platforms to share spiritual advice, ideas and experiences that can help heal others. My flow journey has led me into a life of sobriety and I’ve become an advocate for all mental disabilities but mainly autistic adults, those with DID and adoptees. I am so grateful to be a sponsee for Utopia Artistry, I bought my very first hoop from this shop and you can too! Use my code DREAMZ at check out to support me and get a discount! Happy hooping
Hi my name is Kaleigh (Kay-Lee) also known as Wobbly_k I’ve been a flow artists since August 2018. I started out with the Fiberflies LED pixel whip and gloving, silk fans and hooping in 2020, and orbit 2022. I’m a CNA from southern Indiana who loves to travel/hike, music festivals, and spending time with my loved ones. Flow arts has truly brought so much joy and happiness to my life, and has helped grow me into the woman I am now. I’m so grateful to be apart of this team and community of amazing humans ♥️
Hey my name is Jayde. But my alter ego is Lov3able420flowz. I am 26 years old and my birthday is January 4th. 
 I have been hulahooping for just over 2 years now and have fallen in love with the art. I never thought I was  coordinated or that I could dance.. until I was shown the beauty of these magical plastic circles. I feel so graceful, playful, beautiful and infinite. I am able to express my emotions through hooping. 
I love going to raves and spreading "PLUR" everywhere I go. 
If I could give a piece of advice that I live by everyday is " Tell the truth and love everybody." A couple simple words that I live by.